Monday, July 26, 2010

My First Post!!

As I send my words out into the emptiness of the world wide web, I cannot help but be excited. I am not sure what has inspired me to start this journey today.... not even sure where to begin to set up a blog. However, here it goes!

I love my family. I am blessed with a wonderful, patient husband and two incredible children. A 7 year girl and a 3 year old boy. It doesn't get much better than that! I love my job (most days) and over all, life is pretty fantastic.

But I constantly yearn to spend more time quilting. Not just quilting. I am a fabric fondler. It is an unfortunate quality to have as a quilter as it leads to many yards of fabric that sit lovingly in my sewing room..... never to be cut as I wait for the perfect project! Mostly, that means I visit my fabric stash daily to have a touch.... only to leave it to take my children to the sitter and head to work. I like to visit my sewing room inbetween putting the kids to bed, putting laundry away and various other errands that bring me past its second floor doorway. But lately, it seems my UFOs are taking over and touching fabric and reading other people's blogs is as close as I get to the hobby I enjoy so much.

As a motivator to push past my room of UFOs and beautiful (but uncut) fabric, I am starting this blog. My first "To Do" this week is to make a list and take pictures of all my current UFOs. To inspire me, I am adding a picture of a project I have actually completed! I tried to add others... but I haven't seemed to figure that out yet :)

I can't imagine anyone reading this blog (except for me and maybe my mom!), but I am excited about documenting my journey!

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  1. You go girl, God love you, you sure have enough to quilt, but that is a real quilter! working on one project only 'til it is done, it would not be fun, would it?????????ha ha ha.

    Enjoy Newfoundland an we will see you when you get back