Friday, February 25, 2011

Away for a month? Really?

I have been busy. Very very busy. But apparently not busy quilting or writing my blog :( Along with two wonderful children and a fabulous hubbie, I have a job I love. But at times it can be very challenging. These days working and hanging with my babies is about as much personal time as I get! I even missed a quilting class yesterday..... and didn't even remember until today!! I need to get myself back on track!

As my happy thought for the day, I want to share a Paddington snowball/9 patch quilt I made for one of my best friend's baby boy. This isn't a newly finished quilt. It has been complete for almost a year. However, it makes me happy thinking about that cute baby boy. Today I just need that thought to inspire me to work on some other projects today.

Happy Quilting!

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