Monday, January 2, 2012

Fire Escape.... and my love of Batiks

There was a time when I hated batiks. Serious amount of strong dislike. I had no idea why anyone would want 'tie-dye' fabric to make a quilt. And the idea that anyone would take a chance that a piece they would cut would not be exactly the same as the next piece. Madness I tell you!!! Back then the owner at my favorite quilt store would tell me that one day I would feel differently. And every time a new shipment of batiks would arrive she would lovingly show them to me. After some time I grew to appreciate batiks for the process and the art form. But still, you would never see one of my quilts with a batik included. Let alone a whole quilt of it!!

Then one day, something magical happened. I enjoy applique. Hand applique usually. But one day I saw McKenna Ryans's A Journey to Light! It was truly an experience for me. I decided I had to make it! So I asked Joy (quilt store owner mentioned above) if we could do a class or at least a kit. What I hadn't considered... was that McKenna Ryan's kits were very batik focused. I didn't care. I loved it! And with the dozen of hours I spent tracing, fusing and cutting shades of black and grey batik that had all looked the same to me a month earlier, I fell in love.

Now, I frequently chose batiks for projects. What I love is that every piece you cut is different. Funny huh? Quilting is just like every other part of your life. You grow, learn, mature and your tastes change. At a quilt show in Peterborough last year I saw a simple for Fire Escape and loved the use of batiks in the sample. Most of my batiks are still used in applique and scenary quilts like McKenna Ryan or Piecemakers. This is an Atkinson Design pattern. I love how easy to follow their patterns are when I just need a break from working!!

Now I just need to take this project from flimsie to complete :)

Happy Quilting!

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