Friday, November 1, 2013

Durham Trillium Quilt Guild - Tri-Annual Quilt Show!!

This weekend is my Guild's tri-annual quilt show.  So much fun!!  Fantastic quilts and a lot of inspiration.  But the best parts??  The vendors :)  I finally found the perfect quilt for my baby boy.  Honestly, I am so pleased!  The sailboat quilt I had been working on is simply too young for him anymore.  That's what happens when it takes almost 4 years to make a quilt. So  now, I am starting all over again next weekend at the retreat with an astronomy quilt I bought the kit for today.  The fabric even glows in the dark for a short period of time. More picks to come soon!

I also bought fabric for 4 Christmas pillowcases, a Christmas pattern book and a large bag from the Guild's boutique store.  And that is only day 1! I actually exceeded my budget by 10 am!  Yikes!! 

Well sewing this weekend will be tough.  Regardless, here is my Making Christmas list.  More additions than completions.

Making Christmas List (Week 4):
Quilt for my son - Warp Speed
Exclamation Quilt for Ice Fyre Raffle - Still two borders left
Espresso Christmas  Ornaments - No Progress
Cardinal Pillow from this month's McCall's Quilting!!!! Fabric chosen, embroidery almost done
Bag for my daughter for Christmas - No progress
Christmas Presents for Teachers - Napkins Complete!!
Addition: Coasters to match Christmas napkins
Christmas Present for my fantastic sitter - No progress; Still no idea what to make.....
Addition: Other remaining 9 blocks for my Northcott BoM Quilt. It is a little backward, but I am inspired now that the log cabins are complete
Addition: 4 Christmas Pillowcases for my kids - a purchase from the Quilt Show

Happy Quilting!!


  1. That glow in the dark fabric sounds great! I hope you get some sewing time next week to work on your list. Remember to link up for a chance in the random draw x

  2. I am afraid I will add to my list too! Good luck on finding time to sew!

  3. I don't know how else to contact you, but a Beatles quilt I think you made has turned up after a storm in Washington; here's the Facebook link.

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  5. I am so sorry to Lady Katryna and Anne Marie for not responding earlier. I am more than a little afraid of technology and spam. Was afraid to click the link. You just wouldn't believe the number of hoaxes I get. That said, the missing quilt is not mine. It was a a kit from Fons and Porter, so I am sure there are a few of those identical quilts out there. But thank you so much for reaching out. And I am sorry I am a technology/hoax scardy cat.