Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pretty Dresses

I am counting down the days until I get to head home to Newfoundland for my summer vacation. There are a lot of reasons why I love to go home. The beautiful sights. Being able to actually see the stars at night. It is nice to go to a grocery store and recognize most of the people I see...... even if those people frequently mistake me for my sister. That will be really fun this time as we will both be home for the week with our families!

I love to sit and watch the news with my dad and quilt with my mom. There are a couple quilt stores that have opened since I moved away. There is a relatively new one in Pasadena I am looking forward to checking out while I am on the Rock!

I have 5 more sleeps and a lot to do before I get on a plane. However, I have a UFO to work on while I am away! It is a hand applique quilt called Pretty Dresses. It is 16 blocks done in fabulous 30`s fabric. I have a weakness for 30`s (and anything Moda, Thimbleberries, Northcott or most batiks!!). I have basted all my blocks to take with me. I don`t think the nice people at Westjet will appreciate my scissors, needles and other quilting tools..... so I`ll wait until I reach Deer Lake to work on it. I have 3 blocks completed, which I thought I would share. The goal is to have all the blocks completed during my vacation! Quite the challenge as I`ll really only have an hour or two here and there to work on them when my babes are in bed.

Below is a link to the fabulous book where I got the pattern. This quilt is the cover of the book so you can check out what the completed project may look like.


Off to do more packing (and maybe sneak in a little sewing) before I head to bed!


  1. I love these. I've bookmarked it with my "ideas" bookmark for my daughter. She is a fashion designer and I would love to do this for her.

  2. I have seen some fantastic variations of this quilt. I am a sucker for 30's reproductions, but there is a black and white version that simply took my breath away! I know your daughter would love it!