Friday, September 3, 2010


I had a realization today as to why I haven't updated my blog recently. Seems to be the same reason my UFO room just grows. It isn't a lack of discipline or an inability to follow through with things I start. Both are qualities that I think make me good at doing my job.

I also don't think it is about finding time. Regardless of if you work inside or outside of the home, that is an issue for everyone, right? Yet some of the busiest people I know (and you know who you are) are the most accomplished quilters with regard to both volume and quality.

My mental (and physical) block seems to be that I am a bit of a perfectionist. If I can't have the perfect project, I just don't want to finish it. Blogging seems to be the same. An inability to think of the perfect post with the perfect pictures..... and I just don't update.

So..... time to loosen up. Summer is over, school starts on Monday. Time to get back into a rountine. My sister asked me to make her a batik bag for her birthday (which is now only 2 weeks away!!!). Time to buy fabric and start sewing!

Enjoy the long weekend!

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