Sunday, November 14, 2010

Those Darn UFOs!!!

I am currently sitting in my sewing room watching reruns of Sex and The City.... when I should be working on my unfinished projects...... or at least working. Instead I am reading blogs about other people finishing their UFOs!

In the past month I have finished my Beatles quilt, finished the top for my Oriental Elegance quilt (which is now with a long arm quilter!!), and finished two wall hanging tops. All of this progress would be incredible had I not gone to the Creative Sewing Festival in Toronto and a local shop hop in the same time frame. I admit nothing..... but there may be a few more pieces of fabric to fondle in my stash and a few more projects.

In fact, the reason I am sitting and not sewing is I am trying to restrain myself from starting to cut the flannel I bought Friday on the shop hop to start my first rag quilt. I found great instructions on a blog by Jen Yu that were so clear even I got it!!! And what a fabulous way to use those smaller pieces of batting that are too small for anything else!

I am not sure what I am going to do but I am going to spend 15 minutes sewing right now! Great advice from several of the blogs about finishing UFOs which I plan on following tonight!

If there is anyone out there that is actually reading my blog I would LOVE to hear your advice on reducing the amount of UFOs in your sewing room! Or at least to hear that someone else has them!!

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