Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2 Days at Home

My children's sitter is enjoying a well deserved vacation. As a result, I booked two vacation days of my own to spend with my babies. Would have been a great couple days, but my baby girl got sick with a sore throat and a fever. Since we were house bound, I was able to get some quality time cutting two quilts in preparation for the retreat with my guild in a couple weeks. I prefer to do my cutting at the kitchen counter, so this was making the best of a bad situation. I now have two quilts ready to sew!

This weekend I tried organizing my very disorganized sewing room and came across a bunch of kits I had not completed (or started). One was for a hand towel dress for over the oven handle. I have seen these done in the prettiest fabrics and with the nicest accessories. Today I finally got down to business. So cute!!! I would love to make more of these. Now to find the time, without having to have a sick baby :(

Happy Quilting!

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