Sunday, November 6, 2011

Welcome Baby Duncan!

My grand nephew made his entrance into the world yesterday! A beautiful 8 lb, 3 oz healthy baby boy. I am so excited!! And happy that I have finally completed his quilt. It would have been such a different quilt had I known he was a he! However, I have no intention of starting over from scratch. I tried minky for the first time for the backing and I love it!! Not sure I don't want one of these myself :)

So now I definitely have to move on to finishing/making a quilt for my 4 year old. Sad to say I still have not done that. He is very interested in my quilting and always wants to help. And he is not unaware that I have made quilts for others but none for him. To ease my conscience today I made him a pillow case out of the some of the metres and metres of Cars fabric I have purchased over the years. Pretty sure it will never make a quilt, but I should make the fabric into dozens of pillow cases. It definitely makes for very happy little boys!

Happy Quilting!!

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