Sunday, October 13, 2013


Beds can make the best "design walls".  In most cases, I am designing for a bed quilt anyway, so this is the best way to try it out!  I had laid out the blocks to the quilt on my Mom's bed while I was home in Newfoundland.  Usually I like to label my blocks to ensure I put it together just as I planned.  However, I have learned that my camera can be my best friend for these exercises.  And my baby girl never misses a chance to join the fun!

This quilt is scheduled to be donated to my daughter's synchro skating team as a fundraising raffle.  I am behind (as always), so now instead of a raffle for this year's season, it will have to be next summer/fall.  Good news is I am further ahead than this picture would suggest.  Two borders left on the top.  Then I need to decide if I am going to quilt it or have it quilted.  If only I owned my dream machine, the Tiara, this would not even be a thought :)

Happy Quilting!

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