Monday, October 28, 2013

Log Cabins - A quilter's staple

This has been a busy week!  Actually, looking at my calendar for the next month I am a little overwhelmed to be honest.  And when I get stressed I sew!  Luckily, my calendar includes a much needed quilting retreat.  This past weekend, I attended a Twilight Tea!  A fun way to hang out with great friends, great food and sewing until midnight.  I wish I had more items crossed off of my list.  However, I do have 24 log cabin blocks (just like the one below) to show for my sewing adventure as an update to my Making Christmas list.  But now, it is time for sleep before a week of work and children's activities.

Making Christmas List (Week 3):
Quilt for my son (very much past due!) - Backing fabric arrived from Connecting Threads on Friday!
Exclamation Quilt for Ice Fyre Raffle (UFO from my last post) - Still two borders left
Espresso Christmas  Ornaments - No Progress
Log Cabins for my Northcott BoM Quilt - Complete!!!
Cardinal Pillow from this month's McCall's Quilting!!!! Fabric chosen, embroidery started
Bag for my daughter for Christmas - No progress
Christmas Presents for Teachers - Almost done!!!
Christmas Present for my fantastic sitter - No progress; Not even an idea of what to make!!!
Addition: Other remaining 9 blocks for my Northcott BoM Quilt (what can I say, I am inspired now that the log cabins are complete)

If anyone has any ideas what I can make for my sitter to go with her present, please let me know in the comments section.

Happy Quilting!

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